Wednesday, April 13, 2011

and, or....??

habitat and refuge....two different words and used in the same way but may be they can go hand in hand..thats what i think.

refuge has been a primal image of human living. caves have been the preferred living spaces of old, since they provided optimal protection. today we can still see this ancient preference in children, connected to their long gone ancestors, who love to build huts and secret hide outs. this animal and human need for creating refuges govern us on the whole.

people also feel the need to create their own habitat, as well, as a way of offering resistance to complex and disorganized society and these habitats are again a refuge from the social and also personal upheavals.

different or same...

some minutes back i was goggling for some designs for the clothes and there i came across a website named "cheap shalwar kameez"..
as the name suggests it had really CHEAP stuff..but the thing what i was thinking is that why don't people think about the related possibilities with the titles or labels they give to their here cheap...

another almost the same thing which i feel about the use of word "sex" on different forms and questionnaires etc..when the (almost) equivalent somber word "gender" is there, and explains the thing more appropriately.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Something or Nothing!!

past and present-in any of the things, there is no difference in some of the factors still..

*think unbiased*

if we think of the art field, whether working in a private studio, academy or publically, the artist of today has to keep the personal freedom, responsibility and political correctness (the visible correctness)in his hands, at the same time. even the artists of past had to have these things in their minds in the spot light, under various circumstances. more or less, its almost the same.

one thinks that as the culture advances, so our opportunities to explore and execute too. but the limitations of academic position and narrow minded public perception also serves the constrains of the contemporary artist's abilities and under these circumstances, sometimes the works exhibited seem ill in conception under the contemporary slogan with the invisible title 'something or nothing'.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Devotion is the way to seek...

Daily in the morning, on my way to the bus stop, a thought comes to my mind after seeing a malang...that devotion can lead us to anything we want... she is old , her wrinkled face and sun tanned skin have some crudeness yet srenity in it..she is always dressed in the same black dress with a long first when i was new to this route she always looked very mysterious and suspicious to me, i thought of her as a random greedy beggar or a member of any terrorist group but one day when i was passing by while looking at her, a man gave money to her but she refused to take the beg and said to him in a very humble but yet alarming tone.."i don't need all this, what i needed was i get, HE is the one who gives and i am here tomorrow you will be here...its just a game of wisdom"..these are very common words we use to hear from beggars almost daily..but what made me shocked and casted a spell over me was her tone and the depth in her voice..there was truth and devotion in it..from that very day this has stuck in my mind because of the wisdom and wit of her saying...
I count her among the persons, who i know, are deprived of materialism,,for whom materialism is nothing in the way of devotion and seeking spiritual comfort and fulfillment..this thing has now changed my mind to some extent about the devotees at shrines too..i always used to think of them as random useless, idle people but now i can say that its not the same for all of them as exceptions are always there..the true devotees and seekers offer true spiritual strength and limitless compassion..they have something very saintly about them..may be as they live on the places which are regarded as the abodes of peace, so as they are radiating that also..
But it can only be possible when one start to know about his own require wisdom, knowledge, senses, cognition, intuition, love, devotion, all combined to enlighten the path of SELF our Prophet's (SAW) saying," whoever knows himself, knows his Lord" requires an exertion and love to seek and gain.. it motivates the quest for Lord, launches the quest for truth- it holds out the hope of being accepted and the permanence without comfort, but medicine with cure, our internal soul's cure...
as in the poem 'the nightingales under the snow' it is being said very beautifully and wisely..
All roads come from eternity
the bullock carts, and the goats
sad little donkeys with hanging ears
in the fields, near thatched huts;
camels carrying cotton bales, day by day
from the colorful trucks
blossom the dreams of the poor
and the reed longs to sing of man's fate
the nameless heroines of poverty;
lifting their pitchers, await
the waters of life.
all roads point to eternity
and their center rests
under the sky-like dome
in the heart of the saint.